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About Sidoti

Information about and description of Sidoti & Company, LLC, including its capabilities, attributes, senior management and Company Sponsored Research administrators.  


The Leading US Independent Small Cap Securities Research, Trading and Corporate Access Firm

Sidoti & Company, LLC was established in 1999 and has emerged as the premier independent provider of research, trading and corporate access in the United States focusing on small cap companies, with a focus on profitable or nearly profitable firms with interesting investment theses.   Many of our covered companies are underserved by Wall Street firms or have relationships that appear to be related to investment banking activities.  Because Sidoti provides very limited investment banking services, we believe our securities research has become recognized for its credibility and independence by the investment community.   As discussed below, we are also recognized for our close relationships with the most important small cap institutional investors in North America and the our significant corporate access activities which enables the C-Suite to have valuable face-to-face interaction with existing and prospective institutional investors.  

In  2017, Sidoti:

  • had 25 securities analysts with an average tenure at Sidoti over 6 years
  • published over 2,800 reports and notes on approximately 255 companies covered by such analysts
  • had over 500 institutional investor clients in North America that had a specific interest in the small cap sector
  • maintained a 20 person sales force and a 6 person trading desk that regularly interfaced with these +500 institutions
  • provided superior corporate access through:
    • scheduling over 525 non-deal roadshow days throughout North America, where the management teams of our covered companies held almost 2,200 "1x1" meetings with our institutional investor clients
    • hosting two small cap investor conferences in New York City.  Our Fall 2017 conference had:
      • 93 presenting companies with an average market capitalization of approximately $525 million
      • 528 registered institutional investors, over which 315 were clients of our firm

Senior Management

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Peter Sidoti is the Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at Sidoti & Company, LLC. He founded the firm in 1999, to focus on research of companies with small market capitalizations.   In 1997, Mr. Sidoti joined Schroders, where he was responsible for research for the healthcare services group and for the Emerging Growth Group. In mid-1995, he began the research team at the Emerging Growth Industry. Prior to that, in 1990, Mr. Sidoti joined NatWest Markets to lead the research effort for the healthcare services and medical supplies industries, and in 1992 assumed responsibility for the REIT industry as well. He started working at Drexel Burnham Lambert, Inc. in 1985 and was promoted to Senior Analyst for the healthcare services and medical supplies industries. From 1979 to 1985, Mr. Sidoti was a Financial Analyst at The Value Line Investment Survey, where he was trained as a Fundamental Equity Analyst and subsequently covered stocks in the utilities, healthcare services, medical supplies, and textile, retail and home appliances industries. In 1984, he began managing the two newly formed tax-exempt funds at Value Line. Through the 1990s, he was directly involved with nearly 100 initial public offerings, secondary offerings and mergers in the nursing home, assisted-living and healthcare REIT sectors.  Mr. Sidoti received his MBA (Finance) and BS (Accounting) from New York University.  He holds FINRA Series 7,24,63,86 and 87 licenses.





Ms. Marie Conway has, since 2001, been the President and Head of Research at Sidoti & Company, LLC.   She joined the firm in September 2000 and is responsible for overseeing the research and sales effort, maintaining the quality of the research product, and the training of new analysts. In 1997, Ms. Conway worked as a Senior Healthcare Equity Analyst at Salomon Brothers Inc., Research Division. In 1998, she worked as a Senior Healthcare Equity Analyst at Prudential Securities. She focused on medical devices and healthcare service stocks at the firm. In 1991, she worked at NatWest Securities Limited, Research Division where she was a Senior Equity Analyst in the healthcare group of the research department. Ms. Conway covered small- and large-cap medical devices stocks, as well as healthcare services stocks at the firm. In 1989, she worked as a Portfolio Manager at Mutual of America. Ms. Conway managed the long-term bond fund, money market fund and fixed income segment of a total return fund with total assets under management of approximately $400 million. From 1979 to 1989, she was an Equity Analyst and Portfolio Manager at Value Line, Inc. As an Equity Analyst, Ms. Conway covered a wide variety of industry sectors, including forest products, paper, beverage, tobacco, waste management, and industrial services. As a Portfolio Manager, she managed both the Value Line Cash Fund and the Value Line Tax-Exempt Fund. Ms. Conway was also Chief Writer and Editor for the Value Line weekly fixed income review. Ms. Conway holds a Bachelor of Arts in History from Hunter College and an Masters of Business Administration in Finance from New York University.





Gary Jacobs, also known as Jake, is the Director of Trading at Sidoti & Company, LLC. He joined the firm in 2004 to lead the trading desk, which commenced operation that April after receiving NASD approval. Mr. Jacobs was previously the Head of US Equities at Dresdner. He is a top sales and trader with more than 20 years of experience at NatWest Markets and Drexel Burnham Lambert. Mr. Jacobs has over all 33 years of experience on Wall Street.   Mr. Jacobs received his MBA from Emory University and his BA (Engineering) from Lafayette College.  





Mr. Martorana has been with Sidoti & Company since March 2017 and has an over 20 year career in securities compliance.  Mr. Martorana brought with him 15 years of compliance regulatory experience from FINRA.  As Chief Compliance Officer it is Mr. Martorana’s role to translate business intelligence and performance management requirements to conform with security regulatory requirements.  He is responsible for leading the internal processes for promoting and ensuring Sidoti’s compliance with laws, regulations, company policies and contracts, including chairing the Company Sponsored Research Selection Committee.  He is also responsible for formulating and implementing Sidoti’s policies and procedures, including its Code of Conduct, and making sure they are communicated and trained upon across the company.  

CSR Administration





John DeBono joined Sidoti in January 2016 as Director, Corporate Relationships and has been actively supporting the company’s company sponsored research and fee-based conference initiatives.  Prior to joining Sidoti, John was a Managing Director at the NYSE from 2009-2015 responsible for managing and building strong relationships with listed companies in the Southeast.  Before the NYSE, John was an investor relations executive for 15+ years, directing the investor relations programs for Lucent Technologies as well as the IPO and subsequent spin-off from Lucent known as Agere Systems.  John has an MBA from the NYU Stern Graduate School of Business.